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Xavier Jamaux is a French composer and producer born in Versailles, who over the years has made his mark in the music world.

He started by founding the band Orange with Alex Gopher, Nicolas Godin, and JB Dunckel (both who went to form Air), and then in association with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) created the French band Ollano.


Later, Xavier went on to create his solo electronic soul project under the name of ‘bangbang’, featuring many artists including Swedish crooner Jay-Jay Johanson, and frontmen Garry Christian (from The Christians), or Simon Lord (from Simian).

His current focus is on film music, and he has already worked with international and multi awarded film directors such as Johnnie To,

Michael Haneke, Kevin Reynolds, JP Limosin, Thomas Winterberg, Alexandre Arcady, Soi Cheang...He also scored documentaries by French journalist Serge July.


Recently he's been nominated for Best Original Soundtrack at Golden Horse Festival (Taipei) and Asian Film Awards (Hong Kong)

for his soundtrack of Johnnie To’s  movie "Three". His score for"Sparrow" had already been nominated in both festivals.

In 2019 Xavier Launches Gemme, French chic & feminine  with Alka Balbir, Barbara Carlotti, Elodie Fregé, Helena Noguerra, Loane and Nubia Esteban


Derek Elley, Variety (USA), on "Sparrow"

"With an almost wall-to-wall score by French composer Xavier Jamaux (To’s previous “Mad Detective”), that’s alternately jazzy and insouciant, film is not so much a caper movie, more a love letter by the helmer to the many moods and endless capacity for renewal by the city of Hong Kong itself."

Johnnie To

"My collaboration with Xavier in Mad Detective was a fruitful one. His work in Sparrow captured the feeling I wanted, and also brought out the musical playfulness that was so crucial to my image”.

Derek Elley, Variety,(USA) on "Accident"

Tech package is strong, with a moody, nocturnal-bluesy score by Frenchman Xavier Jamaux that’s a neat fit with Fung Yuen-man’s voyeur-like widescreen lensing.

The Face (UK)"bangbang is busy making the kind of noise amateur musicologists are calling Air - meets - Isaac Hayes".

Melody Maker (UK): "Utterly intoxicating music you want to press your face against"


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